Injected Series

Injected Series

The Injected line from Pilla is a series of high performance sports glasses that work in concert with the athletes needs both visually and functionally from a fit perspective. We have spent a tremendous amount of time designing the frame to provide both performance and fit. Each of the injected models uses TR-90 and "Megol" in the nose and temple tips

Many uses such as Golf, Baseball, Driving, Riding, Power motor Sports etc.

The Pilla Collection for the Hunter Jumper Rider is an invaluable tool for seeing the jumps with precise accuracy for all equestrian disciplines. The frame designs are refined to fit perfectly under a POLO helmet or a riding hat. The designs have been tested and refined with some of the most high profile riders in the World like top ranked Olympian Will Simpson, World #1 Polo Player Facundo Pieres and World Top Ten Ranked Polo Player Mariano Aguerre

In addition to the high performance lens design, Pilla provides the rider with all day protection of the eye. Each injected frame design keeps dust and wind out of the riders eyes.

Reduce Eye Fatigue - Most Hunter Jumpers ride in rings with reflective surfaces. Reflected light into the eye is not only a health issue but fatigues the eye over the corse of the day which slows hand eye coordination. 


R.C. Aircraft Sports - TOTAL HORIZON injected series

The combination of rich color enhancement and a high degree of contrast provide the pilot with accurate registration of the aircraft.
Together with a legend in the sport of RC, world champion Quique Somonzini, Pilla has engineered the first high performance line of glasses specifically tailored to the needs of the RC pilot. All Total Horizon glasses are Zeiss certified to be optically perfect and use a proprietary high resolution lens technology. The combination of specific color filtration science and a crystal clear lens substrate allows the RC pilot to see with absolute precision.