$375.99 CAD



The Pilla Liberty is a high performance injected sport wrap. This frame is high wrap base 8 design that provides excellent protection to the eye from foreign objects as well as dust and stray light. The frame has extremely soft "Megol" nose pads and temple terminals. This frame design is a great choice for the athlete looking for a frame that can be used in a very active environment which makes it a perfect solution for Golf, Running, Riding, Polo and Equestrian pursuits.

The lenses provide true UV400 protection from all three of the sun's harmful UV rays; UVA, UVB, and UVC.

The frame is correctable to a medium level of need.  Select Rx Single Vision for Rx Version. 

In the 2012 Olympic Games, there were 8 medalists wearing our systems.

The Liberty is also used by professional golfers and race car drivers. Pilla has a number of golf specific lenses available for this model.

The Liberty is also used by Law Enforcement - Firearms Professionals, tactical and aviation and aerial applications.

Please email Pilla for details.

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