Pilla glasses 12CIBB

12CIBB – BLUEBERRY – 12% Light Transmittance

Our new Blueberry lens is a super addition to our “Neutralizer” family of lenses (19CIN, 40CN, 52CIN, 65CIMN). This new filter is a Direct Sun lens with a robust neutralizer using our newest Spectral Pigment Accelerator technology. The lens efficiently knocks back green backgrounds and provides a significant bump in target orange at full light values. The lens increases the situational awareness of the target by adding more contrast than our current neutralizer lenses at lower transmittance values. The infused color science enhances the registration and specificity of target color with a high level of sharpness. Our new Blueberry lens has our proprietary ICE IR lens coatings adding a significant level of performance to the application providing both hydrophobic and hydrophilic performance in reducing backside lens steaming.

31CIHP – PASSION FRUIT - 31% Light Transmittance

The success of our High Contrast “CIHC” lens family has been one of our top performing spectral color enhancers. We have taken many of our athlete’s requests to find a solution with a transmittance target between the two top filters (15CIHC – 47CIHC (31CIHP)) the resulting transmittance value at 31% with a modified filter curve. The CIHC filtration science has been one of our most successful over the past 10 years. The CIHC platform is a very intense color enhancer with a heightened amount of contrast in the lens to produce more detail in the target and the entire sight picture. The CIHC spectral curve design development began back in 2010 and we have had 6 modifications of this science in medium light over the years with the latest being the 47CIHC. In 2023, we introduced a direct sun version of the lens in our 15CIHC which has become one of our top 10 lens filters. This new 31CIHC which we are calling our Passion Fruit lens is a new lens placed in the 30% transmittance range. The filter has been redesigned for a lighting condition that most shooters find where the sun is bright but not a direct in the face situation. When light is bright and the ambient conditions are interrupted by white puffy clouds, the eye looks for a calming lens with accelerated color but balanced. This high contrast lens benefits from more robust pigments using our new Spectral Pigment Accelerating technology to intensify color and leaves the eye with super crisp definition. The color profile of this lens incorporates purple, red and pink. This combination makes the passion fruit lens a perfect solution for those shooters that enjoy the 47CIHC and 15CIHC with a lens that fills a void in the transmittance scale at 31% - direct mid-way between the two lenses.

35CIA – FIG – 35% Light Transmittance

A new fruity purple addition with Cherry blended into the mix.

The FIG lens is fantastic new entry to our “CIN” family of purple neutralizers with a twist. We added a touch of our Cherry filter and mixed it with a new purple lens filter. The blend created one of the most exciting all-around lenses for medium yellow light. The CIN platform is arguably the most sought-after technology we produce as it not only creates separation of the target from the background but is provides an acceleration of target color for enhanced target acquisition. The addition of the cherry modification makes the lens even richer and vibrant. A new filter with purple and red Infusion – a balanced lens with higher value color registration than the current neutralizer offering… We targeted a lens transmittance value in between the 19CIN and the 52CIN using our ICE IR coating science. Infusing our new Spectral Pigment Accelerator into this lens kicks back green backgrounds while popping targets with a more robust intensity. For the shooters who utilize our CIN technology… Our new Fig lens (35CIA) which could be also called a 35CIN offers a super lens for lighting where it’s not full sun but a brighter light value than that found mid-morning or afternoon.

39CIG – GUAVA LENS - A Red/Green Deficient Design Study

The introduction of our CGR technology with a focus on helping red/green color deficiency has been a run-away success. The 38CIG filter used the basis of the CGR platform without the polarizers for the initial lens design study. With the Zeiss team, we took the technology in the CGR RGLL and RGHL and articulated this spectral curve into a new lens design. The result is a fantastic all-around lens that is both designed for helping those with Red/Green deficiency but also works extremely well for all shooters looking for more bump in the target if you have an affinity for more red in the lens. If you like lenses that have more red in them without the sight picture being too intense in red, this is a super balanced lens with an intense sight picture.

53CIK – KIWI - 53% Light Transmittance

Fantastic Medium light filter borrowing from the success of the 92CIL in low light The 53 KIWI lens uses one of our most successful low light lenses, the 92CIL, as a base for the filtration curve. We have enhanced the color profile of this lens adapting it for a medium lighting conditions with a modified spectral curve. The lens introduces a great target registration in medium flat light. This lens was formulated specifically for grey flat lighting conditions where the target becomes tough to see because the light values of the hue of the lens are diminished and the ambient lighting condition is roughly the same. What this condition in flat grey light does is confuse the eye into seeing almost a white out of the target making it tough to lock onto the flight, distance, and trajectory of the target. The 53 KIWI filter corrects this very present issue. The Kiwi lens provides a solid color introduction attribute creating great registration of the target. This lens is also a rock star lens for lime green targets. The KIWI lens uses our ICE AR coatings and provides a super glare reducer.

62CIED – GOLDEN BERRY - 62% Light Transmittance

A very vibrant and balanced ED lens technology that has a special pigment infusion to accelerate light to make this a vibrant visual experience while maintaining the color spectrum. This is a lens for the shooter looking to enhance the entire sight picture with an elevation of the entire color spectrum without pushing one piece over another. Targets are vibrant and crisp with minimal color manipulation. The target just becomes more defined and visually apparent. This new “ED” filter is an evolution of the CIED technology that Zeiss and Pilla have developed from direct sun in the 9.5CIED to the 26CIED and 38CIED. The transmittance values of each of these lenses take the filters and modifies them for the transmittance target. This lens is a real winner at the 62% transmittance value. This new Golden Berry lens also benefits from our new Spectral Pigment Accelerator infusion.

69CIPE – Blush Peach - 69% Light Transmittance

This is a new modified filter enhancing the very popular 70PWC. This lens we have called a blush lens as we have bled more ruby red into the filter using our new Spectral Pigment Accelerator infusion and the overall color value is elevated at a higher transmittance value. This is a super eye pleasing lens in lower light. A nice pop in color while not moving the visual color spectrum to a significant degree. This is a great lens where the brightness of the filter is balanced and calming while making the target very present. If you are a fan of the 72CIMX, this lens has a touch more red in the design so the target value is higher. This is a great low light lens with diminishing yellow light. What we mean by this is not a low light grey overcast situation. This lens is for a situation when light values are just low and there are no clouds or filtered light through a completely solid carpet of clouds.

All the lenses have our proprietary 7-Layer anti-reflective coating applied to reduce light dispersion to near zero.