$299.99 CAD

Zeiss certified lenses wrapped in beautiful stainless handmade Italian frames in two colors, Stainless black and Stainless Gun Blue. Available in 10CED, 30CED, Gradient Y, and CGR lenses. 


10CED ZEISS Chromashift Enhanced Definition lens with only 10% light transmission is a must have for bright light conditions. When you are needing to reduce the impact of direct suns in your eyes, the 10CED allows the eye to relax and achieve proper focal ability of the eye without squinting. This lens science uses the Enhance Definition profile to produce rich color reproduction. This lens is designed to relax the eye in bright light conditions.

 30CED ZEISS Chromashift Enhanced Definition lens is the most sought-after sun lenses with 30% light transmission offered by Pilla to manage a wider range of lighting conditions. The introduction of the 30CED ZEISS Chromashift lens raises the performance offered in a full sun to medium light lens science providing balance yet rich color reproduction.

Gradient Yellow PILLA ZEISS Progressive is a proprietary lens technology engineered by PILLA and ZEISS using Chromashift. The lens science provides three distinct advantages: enhanced depth of field, increased color management, and “live light” management. The result is crisp vision at distance and rich definition of the sight picture.

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