Outlaw Series - Progressive Lenses

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The success of our Progressive Lens technology has provide us with the opportunity to continue this special lens science. We have introduced four new lens technologies for 2021 that utilize our new Chromashift coating technology and enhance dyes and pigments to dial up the efficacy of these lenses. The four new lenses provide a super spectrum of usage from green background neutralization to our highest target orange color lift.


Gen 2 Cherry
Medium Light

This is a great lens for those looking for a nice balance lift in target orange and pink. This lens has been improved to provide additional glare reduction while enhancing the clay color. This lens is a great solution also for those that need additional help with color lift that are “Color Deficient in red and Green.”


Gen 2 Dragon Fruit
Medium Light

This Gen 2 lens provides a very bright sight picture while continuing to blend our new 60CHCW and our persimmon color profiles. This is a great lens for medium light with a very vivid and vibrant lift in color.


Gen 2 Neutralizer
Full Sun

This is a best in Class neutralizing lens. This is the next generation of the progressive neutralizer lens. Reduce green and punch up target definition while maintain true depth of field.


Gen 2 Max Orange
Full Sun to Medium Light

With the success of our CMX technology in our solid filter lenses. We have taken the color lifting profile for the solid filter and enhanced the science in our progressive max lens. This lens has a significant boost in target orange while also reducing glare. The lens uses an enhance color enhancement spectral curve from the original profile to produce a very bright target in the sight picture.

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