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The 580 is a great prescriptive option for light to medium prescriptive needs. If you have a high corrective need we recommend that you select the 540 frame design.

It is a fully optimized interchangeable dual lens system. This new frame geometry is designed for both the serious clay shooter as well as the sportsman in the field. Unique to this design is a visual experience not found in any dual lens frame styles.

The nose architecture is built to sit on the face reducing the eyes perceptive awareness of the nose. When the shooter is looking across the bridge, there is basically no interference. The frame is like a feather, weighing just 1 ounce. The 580 integrates the same Pilla signature “fork” temple tip found in the 560, made of a high performance rubber called “Megol”.

The 580 integrates a new lens anchoring system using “Shadow Boxing” on the lens edges. This open box design anchors the lenses and provides an extremely simple method of un-hooking the lens from the frame.  

Made in VIVX Only!  Please inform us of the Filtrations you need.  We can also do Clear Prescription (98AR)

Prescription cost is included in this. If you require the following add-ons below you must add them separately to the cart.

  • Anti-Reflective
  • High Index
  • Progressive

      Rx kits are not refundable.



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