Our Goal

  • Provide Pilla's Legendary quality eyewear and products to Canadians, and World Wide.
  • Develop and grow the Pilla Brand within Canada
  • Support Canadian Athletes at ALL levels with our Superior Eyewear

Our Philosophy

  • Clarity, Confidence and Results
  • We create visual equipment that adds value to an athletes performance. 
  • We know function rules over style. 
  • We know substance trumps hype. 
  • We know anything less than perfection is not worth doing.  
  • We know that to be the best in the world is no small challenge and we gladly accept the challenge.

For over 20 years, Pilla Performance Eyewear has believed that if we follow these simple beliefs, we would be able to confidently rise everyday knowing that we stand alone in providing the very best in performance eyewear.

We thank you for the opportunity to present you with the finest visual equipment in the world.

We thank the best athletes in the world for embracing our technology and making Pilla a integral part of their competitive gear.  

Pilla Sport Canada has been one of our resellers and dealers in Canada officially since 2015. 

Pilla Sport Canada has been supporting Archery and the Shooting sports in Canada since 2011 and are pleased to be part of the Pilla Distribution Network.


We are based out of Markham, Ontario in Canada


We have partnered with Zeiss to offer the finest in visual lens science. Zeiss has been producing optical perfection since 1846 and is recognized as the international leader in optics. For over 165 years, Zeiss has accepted nothing less than creating the industry standard. Pilla is proud to engineer the finest products in the world with a company that holds the same beliefs. “We make sport visible.”

With Zeiss we have created a benchmark lens technology called VIVX. VIVX is a rich color enhancement technology, tuned to maximize the perceptive ability of the eye in a variety of lighting conditions and environmental backgrounds.

We are proud to have achieved a level of product engineering that carries both the Pilla and ZEISS name. To be granted this special badge of credibility, our products meet a very stringent set of requirements. Our lens and frame engineering must be done in concert to yield a perfect optical instrument. 

Our products are not optically perfect until ZEISS engineers say our products are optically perfect.