Pilla welcomes 7 time World Trap Shooting Champion, Dr. Susan Nattrass

Susan Nattrass

Pilla is proud to announce that Dr. Susan Nattrass OC, Ph.D has joined Pilla as a Global Brand Ambassador.


Her international accolades, results and sportsmanship with the Trap Shooting Global community, has made her one of the most recognized and respected athletes (male or female) in the world.

Some of Susan's Achievements
  • Officer of the Order of Canada (Highest Civilian Honour Given in Canada)
  • Canadian Athlete of the Year (Same year as Order of Canada)
  • Canadian Sports Hall of Fame
  • Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame
  • Amature Trapshooters Assocation Hall of Fame
  • 7 Time World Trap Shooting Champion

Susan is still currently participating in International competition, coaching, instruction, clinics, speaking engagements, as well as her medical research practice.

Sport : Olympic Trap (aka International Trap, Bunker Trap), ATA Trap

Firearm: Perazzi MX8

Eyewear : Pilla Panther X7

Websites :


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