Pilla Eyewear Sponsors World Champion Shooter Max Michel

Pilla Eyewear Sponsors World Champion Shooter Max Michel
Pilla Eyewear Sponsors World Champion Shooter Max MichelPilla Eyewear Sponsors World Champion Shooter Max Michel
Max Michel
Pilla Eyewear Sponsors World Champion Shooter Max Michel

Meraux,  LA -(AmmoLand.com)- Max Michel, Jr., world champion competitive shooter, firearms instructor and television personality, is pleased to announce that he will be partnering with Pilla Sport, a leader in high performance eyewear.

Michel is assisting Pilla in product development for the Action Shooting sports market and will have his very own signature line of protective eyewear called the Panther X7 MM (Max Michel Signature Kit). He will also be responsible for raising awareness of the Pilla brand in the competitive shooting industry and educating shooters about the advantages that Pilla Products provide to shooters.

Michel commented on his new sponsorship with Pilla Sport, “As a pro shooter I am always looking to find any edge I can to improve my performance in all I do. In the past, I have always looked at eyewear as ballistic protection, which is still very much true, however, the guys at Pilla opened my eyes to an entirely different way to view eyewear. After putting on Pilla’s for the first time, I could see so much more clearly and my eyes weren’t fighting to focus at all. Things just came to life!”

“We’re creating an optical revolution in the sport,” remarked Phillip Pilla, CEO of Pilla. “Max’s in-depth knowledge, and understanding of the importance of uninhibited visual clarity and performance is a valuable asset to Pilla. The new Panther X7 MM brings brand new geometry, a new lens system, and complete interchangeability specifically designed for the competitive shooter to adapt to whatever their visual situation may require. It allows the shooter to tune their eyes with a product that allows them to comfortably navigate and optimize performance. Full panoramic vision with no interference from the frame or nosepiece allows for appropriate target acquisition.”

Michel said about the joint development, “The CEO and I have worked very hard to bring a kit to the Action Shooting world specifically designed for what we need while still keeping the same Zeiss lens technology that is known in Pilla Performance products. The Panther X7 MM (Max Michel Signature Kit) will change the way people look at eyewear in Action Shooting from not just a form of protection, but also as a tool to giving you an optical advantage.”

Pilla is a company that prides itself on being fully immersed in all aspects of shooting. They design from experience and their innovative high-performance eyewear is used by many of the greatest competitive shooters in the industry. In order to better design and manufacture the world’s finest technical sports eyewear; Pilla partnered with Zeiss to provide perfect optics with world renowned clarity, strength, fit, and performance. Max has been using Pilla eyewear, with Zeiss technology, extensively in 2015 and views it as an integral part of his success.

Eyewear :  Pilla Panther X7- http://www.pillasport.ca/collections/panther-series

To learn more about the Panther X7 Max Michel Signature kit, visit www.pillasport.com. For more information about Max Michel, Jr., please visit www.maxmichel.com. To learn about training opportunities with Max, please visit www.maxmicheltraining.com.

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Max Michel

Read more: http://www.ammoland.com/2015/10/pilla-eyewear-sponsors-world-champion-shooter-max-michel/#ixzz3oqKB4D6D

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