Zero-Fog Anti-Fog Cream - 30ml


Recommended for all lenses including AR Coated plastic, mineral or mirror lenses.

Tired of having to keep wiping fog off your sunglasses, glasses or sports goggles? When you use Aero-Fog spray there will be no fogging up at all. Ever.

When going from a cool or cold environment into a warm humid one there will be no reaction at all. Glasses, Shooting Glasses, ski-goggles, diving-goggles, facemasks, hockey-shields, motorcycle face shields will all be more protected. Lenses will stay clean for days.

  • 100% Efficient Anti-Fog Lens Treatment
  • Anti-static repels dust
  • One treatment lasts for several days
  • Superb Non-Smearing action for A-R Coated Lenses.

Cream version is more effective for sport-goggles, diving masks and motor cycle helmets.

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