Introducing a new lens science from Zeiss and Pilla - Chromashift Infra-Red.
This technology delivers a very vibrant color enhancement technology with new color pigments and coating science. while the lenses produce rich color enhancement, the coating technology produces a precise level of color lift and target registration for optimal performance. we have taken some of our top lens filters from the last 10 years and have introduced IR to these platforms. the result is a next level performance producing extremely crisp sight pictures. this new collection delivers light transmittance levels from full sun to low light.

22CIN – this is a new darker purple with a red hue to neutralize green backgrounds and energize targets with our new IR tech. this lens has more bump in target orange than our current 20CN.

26CIED – this is our new 26ED with chromashift IR (this lens is an exceptional introduction to our ED family of lenses). this is an enhancement to the 26ED. this lens has a bit more amber in the lens and has a beautiful balance of overall color enhancement... the IR coating has a more pronounced golden ring around the lens for light management.

32CIMX – this is our new 32MXB – this is a very vibrant lens that is an enhancement over the previous 32MXB. this accelerates the light wavelength of orange.

50CIHC – this is our new 50RHC – this is an evolution of the 50RHC which has been the bestselling lens historically for Pilla. this new 50 uses the IR tech and has a touch more red in the lens for higher attenuation of the color spectrum needed for target enhancement in medium light. this is a medium light lens where light is filtered through clouds but yellow in nature... not grey overcast.

68CIMN – this is a new version of the 66N/67CWN – this has more lift in target color using the IR tech... the lens has a bit more red in the purple so there is a nice green reducer while maximizing orange. this is a really nice low light lens.