TT Motospex GP


TT Motospex GP

The Giro: the principal Italian translation is to “tour” or “drive”.... The entire spectacle construction of the MotoSpex Leather line is crafted of 100% Full Grain English Leather tanned and tumbled to provide a soft and comfortable wear. The frame construction is a single piece of sculpted leather with brass snaps to hold the Ballistx shields firmly in place.

The Giro comes as a kit with both a full sun and night lens. The 15% LTM Ballistx lens for full sun has a dielectric flashing and hydrophobic coating on the exterior with an anti-fog coating on the interior of the lens.

Hydrophobic Coating – A coating which sheets water directly off the front side of the lens. Additionally, this coating reduces fingerprints and also makes the lens extremely easy to clean.

Anti-Fog – This is the very best in anti-fog treatments. It does what it says, and it does it well

Gator Velcro – We like to call the Gator Velcro “Intelligent Velcro.” This Velcro holds the leather temple straps with a tremendous bite when the straps are pulled left to right. Gator Velcro easily comes undone by peeling the away the ends.

Snap-Tech – Patented technology that firmly attaches the lenses to the face of the leather frame. Allows for quick changing of the lenses while the position of the snaps prevents finger prints from getting on the lens.

Ram Air Vents – These 3 holed vents that are standard detail on the MotoSpex Leather models directs air into the eye hole of the frame and channels the air away from the eye. Even with 150mph winds, the air velocity does not effect your tear ducts. The holes  help circulate air through the eye to minimize moisture without creating eye disturbance.

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