Stinger Rx 58A


Stinger Rx 58A


The Stinger - For the Pilot looking for ultimate lens performance in a classic design. The Stinger is available in a retro matte gold frame and a gun metal silver. The frame is made with the finest Italian acetate paddle tips for maximum comfort when wearing headsets. The Stinger has 3 different lens options in a full sun, medium lighting, and low light Zeiss certified optically perfect lens. The system is perfect for VFR conditions and is especially stout in IFR with the 54HC and 76HC lenses. The spectral color enhancing lenses saturate the color displays in a glass cockpit. 

The Pilla Zeiss lenses provide a pilot all day wear by reducing eye fatigue experienced with substandard lens designs. The Pilla lenses are 100% distortion free and have high performance Anti-Reflectives on the lenses. This high performance coating removes all visual noise found in the cock pit of a plane. 

Frame Options - Silver with Smoke Acetate and Matte Gold with Tortoise Acetate.

NOTE: Please contact Pilla if your prescription has an index higher than 2.25 in either eye (Take Sphere and Cylinder numbers, make them positive and add them together).  If you require additions such as High Index Lenses, Anti reflective, bifocal or progressive, you must add them to each pair of lens frames on top .

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