Panther X4A Post - Archery Kits (ASIA FIT) Rx



For those archers with a more flat and wider face geometry, The Panther X4 No Post is a fully interchangeable system using a high wrap optically correct 4 Base mask. The system has all the Zeiss VIVX 2 lens filtrations available for the design. The Design is available in a fully adjustable post model that can be fit with a corrective insert for prescriptions as well.

The frame geometry uses our patented Snap-Tec system that allows for lighting quick changing of lenses. The design allows the shooter to switch the lens without getting fingerprints on the lens.

Rx Insert is sold separately.

Kit Options - Each kit comes with 1 frame + a pre-selected combination of lens filtration options.

  • Chroma Shift Dead Center - 35DC / 60DC
  • 3D Archery Hunting Kit - 45MX / 60HCP
  • Hi/Low Kit - 10ED / 94HC
  • True Colour Kit - 26ED / 44ED / 76HC

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