Outlaw X6A - Archery


Outlaw X6A (Archery)


Carbon Fiber temples with a titanium inner core that can be formed to a customized fit. The forked ends are designed to wrap around and cradle the back of the head, reducing weight on the front and eliminating the need for a nose piece. The high performance megol rubber brow bar is complete with “RAM-AIR” venting holes to push air down the back side of the lens and reduce any fogging. The Snap-tech lens changing system comes standard on the Outlaw X6A, making lens changing as easy as it gets. The oversized lens allows for a completely unobstructed view across the nose bridge, making it the perfect archery glass. This also eliminates stray light coming from extreme angles.

Available Lens Filtrations:

  • 10ED
  • 26ED
  • 44ED
  • 45MX (MAX) - for 3D & Hunting
  • 60HCP
  • 76HC
  • 94HC
  • 35DC (Dead Center Archery)
  • 60DC (Dead Center Archery)


Kit Options - Each kit comes with 1 frame + your choice of filtration options.

Lens filtration options selected after adding item to your cart. See below for other items in the Outlaw X6A family to purchase.

Please let us know which filtration you wish to order.

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