Magneto 2.0 (Forked Arm)- Kits

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Magneto 2.0 (Forked Arm) - NEW


THE MAGNETO 2 Is packaged in a new ALUMINUM BOX.

The revolutionary design of the MAGNETO uses Neodymium magnets to anchor the lens to a proprietary frame substrate that fuses Titanium and Surgical Steel. The attachment of the lens to the frame takes less than 1 second.

Each MAGNETO 2 KIT comes 4 sets of interchangelable temple arms. A short, medium, long, and cable wrap temple arm. The temples are easily twisted off the frame and can be adjusted with ease.  Each Magneto uses 3 Neodymium magnets to secure the lens to the front bar of the frame. A beautifully polished red bar acts as a stopper to lock the lens to the frame.

The MAGNETO has been certified by ZEISS to be optically perfect. The frame engineering and lens engineering have been perfectly executed to produce a piece of visual equipment worthy of carrying the ZEISS name. Every MAGNETO lens is laser engraved on the backside to validate the ZEISS certification.

Kit Options - Each kit comes with 1 frame + and a pre-selected combination of lens filtration options.


NO Rx With this Particular Kit.

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