Athlete - Tricia Oshiro (CAN)


Tricia has been involved in competitive archery since 2010, and has recently represented Canada at World Championships events in Copenhagen and is a member of Team Canada and is currently the Athletic Director for Archery Canada.

Highlights and Achivements:

  • Canadian National Team - Outdoor (2015)
  • Canadian National Team - Indoor (2014)
  • Canadian National Team - PanAm (2014)
  • Archery Canada - Athletic Director (Athlete's Representative)
  • Archery Alberta - Team Coordinator
  • 1st Place - Alberta Indoor Provincial Championships
  • 2nd Place - Canadian Championships - Target
  • 4th Place - Canadian Championships - Field

"My Pilla Panther X6A’s have quickly become a key piece of equipment for me, both in training and competition. I have personally always had an issue with focusing on the gold as my eye is naturally drawn to the red (it does not help that red is my favorite color!) I had found that unless I maintained an intense 100% focus, I would more often than not, “park” slightly to the right or slightly low when aiming.

I admit I was skeptical when I was first introduced to the Pilla products. I felt they were too expensive for “just another pair of sunglasses” but I wanted to see what the hype was all about. So I tried them. I could not get over how to my eyes, the red disappeared and suddenly the gold just popped right off the target! I had been shooting in a pair of polarized Oakley’s up to this point. To my eyes, the difference between shooting with the naked eye and shooting with my Oakleys was like night and day. Well suddenly the difference between the Oakleys and the Pillas were indescribable! The Pillas provided an even crisper sight picture and my personal issue of my eyes being drawn to the red suddenly was not an issue. As I was not fighting the sight picture, my eyes were more relaxed and I found that I was not squinting (which I had not realized I was doing in the first place). I was sold! It isn't hype but fact!

Having trained and competed with them for only a couple of months, I decided to experiment and took a couple of days off from wearing them to see how/if it would change anything. Immediately I was “parking” again, slightly right or slightly low, causing me to have to let the shot down and re-draw, or force the shot. I found when I was aiming that my eyes were squinting in concentration, and my head was trying too hard to make the shot, rather than letting the subconscious do what it had been trained to do. Experiment over, back to training with the Pillas!

Pillas are an investment. Just like I use a top quality bow, arrows, sight etc., my Panther X6A’s are an integral piece of my archery equipment. Whether I am shooting indoor or outdoor, sunny conditions for Target or under shade shooting Field, with a quick click and a change of the lens I am good to go! - Tricia Oshiro

Sponsors: Prime (G5), Sure-Loc, T.R.U. Ball, Calgary Archery Center, Scorpion Strings, Pilla

Bow: Prime One STX

Eyewear : Pilla Panther X6A