Athlete - Madison Hart (CAN)

Madison Hart


Madison Hart has been shooting and competing since 2006. Madison is currently member of the Saskatchewan Archery Association target team for the past 3 year. She also represented Saskatchewan at the 2015 Canada Winter Games. But most recently represented Canada at the 2015 Youth Worlds in Yankton, South Dakota.

"I wear Pilla shooting glasses because, they make the yellow in the target pop and it is easier to see the X in ALL lighting conditions. On sunny bright days my eyes stay relaxed. I used to get headaches after a day competing in the sun, not anymore, thanks to my Pilla eyewear. Indoors, Pilla offers lenses that enhance the fluorescent lighting in today's competition venues, or help me adapt to, and reduce the affects of adverse lighting conditions.  I was a Pilla customer before ever being contacted for a sponsorship opportunity, I believe in these glasses. They are as important as my bow, my arrows or my release and vital to my success both indoors and out." - Madison Hart

2016 Highlights:

  • Archery Canada National Outdoor - Junior Women Compound - New Record

2015 Highlights:

  • National Field Archery Association U.S. Outdoor Target Nationals – 2nd place
  • Archery Canada National Outdoor Field - 1st place
  • Archery Canada National Outdoor FITA – 3rd place
  • Archery Canada National Canadian Open – 2nd place
  • Archery Canada Outdoor Canadian Championship Record Holder (50m - 720)
  • Outdoor Youth World Championships – 17th place
  • Outdoor Youth World Championships Team Event – 5th place
  • Archery Canada National Canada Cup Outdoor FITA - 4th place
  • Saskatchewan Archery Association (SAA) Outdoor FITA Championships – 1st place
  • SAA Outdoor Field Championships – 1st place
  • SAA Indoor FITA Championships – 1st place
  • Multi-Site Indoor Championship of Americas (MICA) Indoor FITA – 12th place
  • MICA Indoor FITA Team Event – 3rd place
  • Archery Canada National Indoor FITA Championships – 1st place
  • Archery Canada National Indoor FITA Championships Team Event - 3rd place
  • Canada Winter Games Indoor FITA – 2nd place

Sport: Indoor & Outdoor FITA and Field Archery

Sponsors: Pilla, North Pro Sports

Eyewear: Pilla Panther X6A

Bows: PSE Xpression (2)

Arrows: Easton Triumph (Indoor) and Easton ACC (Outdoor)

Releases: Scott and Carter

Sights: Sure-Loc and Axcel