Kit Options

  • Panther Truck Kit | Pilla Sports
    Progressive Lens Kit

    PN, PM, PL, PED

    The progressive kit is full-spectrum, managing light from full sun to low light. The kit includes a Neutralizer, Max, High Contrast, and Enhanced definition lens technology. Each lens uses a variable color technology to instantly tune the shooters sight picture.

    Panther Truck Kit | Pilla Sports
    Truck Kit

    18CED, 50CED, 80HC

    A true balance of visual-​spectrum color enhancement. This kit provides the shooter a full-​sun to low-​light lens option. Perfect for both clays and hunting.

    Panther Bank Kit | Pilla Sports
    Bank Kit

    22CIN, 40CN, 68CIMN

    This specialty kit offers a full​-​sun, medium, and low​-​light background​-​neutralizing technology. It is perfect for a shooter dealing with heavy foliage.

    Panther Boost Kit | Pilla Sports
    Boost Kit

    22CIN, 44CMX, 60CHCP

    This kit is tuned to provide the shooter with the maximum boost in pink and orange targets. A full​-​sun, medium, and low​-​light lens is included with a direct focus on spiking these target colors.

    Panther Chroma Kit | Pilla Sports
    Chroma Kit

    18CRHC, 40CN, 60CHCP

    Made for the clay shooter, this kit utilizes Chromashift, our newest spectral​,​ color​-​enhancement technology. It offers a vivid full-sun lens, a medium​-​light lens with a background neutralizer, and an accelerated low​-​light lens.

    Panther 3DHC Kit | Pilla Sports
    3DHC Kit

    26CIED, 47CIED, 68CIMN

    The lenses in this kit are balanced to enhance the color spectrum and boost registration of orange and pink targets while also pushing rich definition in black targets. This kit provides crisp detailed definition without saturating color.

    Panther Max 2.0 Kit | Pilla Sports
    Max 3.0 Kit

    32CIMX, 44CMX, 68CIMN

    A kit for the clay shooter looking for maximum enhancement of orange clay targets. In full sun and medium​-light conditions, the lenses enhance the orange part of the visual spectrum 600% over a standard lens.

    Panther Sportsman Kit | Pilla Sports
    Sportsman Kit

    10CED, 5OCED, 92CIL

    This kit offers our widest light​-​management tool. It is a perfect mixed kit for a shooter that both hunts and shoots clays as it includes lenses with universal color enhancers for clays and works extremely well on small game.

    Panther Polar Kit | Pilla Sports
    Polar Kit

    10CED, 26CIED

    This is a two​-​lens polarized option only available in the Outlaw X6. It enhances the color spectrum for rich color reproduction in full sun and produces extremely well-defined sight pictures in medium light. Amazing on the water as well.

    Panther Polar Kit | Pilla Sports
    TAK 3.0 Kit

    18CRHC, 55PWC, 60CHCW

    A balanced color filtration that provides excellent, all-around clay performance from full sun to gray-flat lighting conditions. Maintain crystal-clear vision and an accelerated color profile in medium lighting and quick target sighting in flat light.