Athlete - Peter Chiefari (CAN)

Peter began shooting at a very young age with a passion for hunting and target shooting. He combined an overall love of sport and competition that led him to eventually pursue the sport of shooting more seriously. In 2009, Peter first started with Skeet and Trap and then moved into Sporting Clays where he began to compete and experience success.  He currently travels across North America and sets Sporting Clay courses as well as competing on the Sporting Clay Tours.


  • 2014 Krieghoff Classic – Runner Up
  • 2014 Krieghoff Classic – Prelim – Master First
  • 2013 Canadian Championship - HOA High Overall Sporting Clay
  • 2013 World Sporting Clay – Master Second
  • 2013 World Championship - FITASC - Master First
  • 2013 World Championship - Prelim - Tied for Runner Up
  • 2013 World Championship- Team Event Runner Up (Canada)
  • 2013 Pennsylvania State Championship - HOA (Out of State)
  • 2013 Pennsylvania State FITASC Championship - HOA
  • 2013 US Open Prelim - Master First


  • The Gun Dealer (A Pilla Authorized Reseller)
  • McAdam New Brusnwick Canada
  • Shooter Fuel
  • Jim Eyster Gunsmiths Inc
  • Perazzi Canada