Athlete - Kinzie Thomas (USA)

Kinzie Thomas

Kinzie Thomas is a member of the US Archery Compound Junior Dream Team from 2014-2016. She is competing at many national events and participate in training camps throughout the season.  

"I originally heard about Pilla mainly because I had seen other people using the glasses and I had heard great things about them about their quality.

Before using Pilla, I had trouble with my eyes always being tired when shooting in the sun. Since I have contacts, I would always be rubbing on my eyes and my contacts would be bothering me. Since using Pilla, my eye fatigue is next to nothing.

The glasses really help with my eye fatigue and even my shooting. The blue lenses really help me focus on the center of the target. I believe they have definitely improved my confidence in my shooting abilities, and my results as well! They are an important tool in my archery setup"   - Kinzie Thomas



  • NFAA Indoor Nationals Youth - 9th 
  • USA Indoor Nationals Junior - 5th
  • USA Arizona Cup Junior - 4th
  • USA Gator Cup Junior - 7th
  • USA SoCal Showdown - 2nd
  • USA Outdoor Nationals - 5th 
  • Outdoor Target Canadian Nationals - Silver
  • USA Buckeye Classic qualifications Juniors - Gold
  • NFAA Outdoor Target Nationals Young Adult - 1st


  • NDBA Indoor 300 - 1st youth
  • NDBA 3D - 1st Youth
  • NDBA 900 - 1st Youth
  • NDBA Field 900 Youth - 1st
  • Minnesota 900 Youth -  1st
  • Iowa Pro-Am - 3rd
  • NFAA Target Outdoor Nationals Yankton Youth - 1st
  • European Youth Cup (2nd leg) - Silver 
  • USA Gator Cup - Cadet - Gold
  • USA Outdoor Nationals -  Bronze


  • NDBA Indoor 300 - 1st
  • NDBA 3D - 1st 
  • NDBA 900 - 1st 
  • NDBA Field  -1st Place 
  • Minnesota State Youth FITA 1st (new state record)
  • Minnesota State Youth 3D - 1st (new state record)
  • Minnesota 900 Youth - 1st place (new state record)
  • Minnesota State Field Youth - 1st (set new state record)
  • Minnesota State Youth Animal and Hunter - 1st (set new state record)
  • Iowa Pro-Am - 4th
  • The Vegas Shoot - 9th
  • NFAA Outdoor Nationals YOUTH  - 2nd Place Youth
  • NFAA Indoor Nationals Louisville, KY 12th 
  • IFAA World Outdoors YOUTH - 4th 
  • NFAA Target Outdoor Nationals YOUTH -  2nd
  • The Dakota Classic YOUTH Yankton, SD - 1st
SPORT(s) : ARCHERY (Compound)
  • Hoyt
  • Sheels

HOMETOWN: Fargo, North Dakota, USA

Eyewear: FX Mask, Panther X7A