Vigilante Series

The Vigilante uses a mask with an integrated sweat bar and a highly technical temple construction. 
The Vigilante has a fixed nose bridge made of a high performance rubber that is extremely soft for maximum comfort in active sporting applications. THe Vigilante Lens design incorporates a functional sweat bar.
The temple geometry of the frame fits perfectly under a helmet. The high performance rubber temple construction secures the frame to the player for optimal confidence the frame will perform at a full gallop.
The lens is a high wrap 7 base design providing coverage of the eye in the periphery.
The Vigilante for Polo is a high performance piece of equipment. The glass was tested and refined with one of top ranked Polo players in the world Mariano Aguerre. Each lens offering in the Vigilante for Polo has been validated by both Facundo Pieres and Mariano Aguerre. The lenses are a special filtration providing true visual registration of the ball with no visual shift. The "N" lenses pop the ball off the playing surface by killing the green color of the grass.