NEW!! 2016 Renegade Hunting Collection

The Renegade is a special field pair of glasses made of Titanium and Surgical Steel and fit with seven field lenses ranging from full sun to low light.

These lenses are perfect for small game and are extremely precise for a variety of bird species. The lens filtrations are designed to accelerate very specific pieces of the visual spectrum to enhance feathers and push natural color. Each filtration is formulated to produce high definition color through high contrast science and color manipulation.

Each of the lenses is coated with a proprietary high performance 7 layer Anti-Reflective as well as Pilla’s Hydrolio coating. This coating is an essential element for field glasses, adding an extra hard coat to the lens while making the lens extremely easy to clean. Further, this proprietary coating sheets water off the lens in adverse conditions.

Each of the lenses fit to the Renegade hunting series protects your eyes not only from twigs and stray shot but the lenses protect from 100% of the suns harmful UV rays. The lens blocks 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC.

Our UV protection is embedded into the lens substrate and blocks 100% of the harmful blue light or high energy visible wavelengths (HEV) up to precisely 400nm.

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