Panther X6A No Post - Archery Kits


Panther X6A No Post - Archery Kits


The Panther X6 No Post is a fully interchangeable system using a high wrap optically correct 6 Base mask. The system has all the Zeiss VIVX 2 lens filtrations available for the design. The Design is available in a fully adjustable post model that can be fit with a corrective insert for prescriptions as well.

The frame geometry uses our patented Snap-Tec system that allows for lighting quick changing of lenses. The design allows the shooter to switch the lens without getting fingerprints on the lens.


Kit Options - Each kit comes with 1 frame + a pre-selected combination of lens filtration options.

  • Chroma Shift Dead Center - 35DC / 60DC
  • 3D Archery Hunting Kit - 45MX / 60HCP
  • Hi/Low Kit - 10ED / 94HC
  • True Colour Kit - 26ED / 44ED / 76HC

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