Progressive VIVX2 - Kits



This is available in our Panther Systems (X6 & X7 in both the post and no post models), Outlaw X6, Outlaw X7, and the Magneto. (not available for dual lens or Rx VIVX2 (540/580/Sebring)

  • Progressive Enhanced Definition
  • Progressive Max
  • Progressive Neutralizer 
  • Progressive Lemon

Progressive Enhanced Definition
This lens offers consistent enhancement of the color spectrum while the bottom accelerates the perceptive value of light. The top of the lens has a transmittance of 22% with the bottom having a transmittance of 78%. A filter blend of Amber and Maze.

Progressive Max
Max Orange Filtration Technology accelerates the registration of target Orange throughout the transmittance curve from top to bottom: 30% at the top while the bottom of the lens provides up to 70%. A filter blend of Peach and Pink.

Progressive Neutralizer
The lens on top reflects a 20% transmittance while the bottom reflects a transmittance f 68%. Fantastic for green backgrounds. A filter blend Plumb and light purple.

Progressive Lemon
The top of the lens uses a high-intensity lemon filtration and the bottom allows for a splash of light into the eye for enhanced depth of field in low light. The top of the lens has a 70% transmittance while the bottom has a 95% transmittance. A filter blend of High Intensity Lemon and pale yellow.


Progressive Lemon

This lens uses our 94HC filtration science as a base color curve and infuses our Progressive Technology in a fantastic lens for low light. It provides a rich color lift while maintaining maximum depth of field in low light. The lens excels in the woods as well or even under lights. This is a great compliment to the Progressive “PL” lens where flat grey light is artificially enhanced. The Lime lens is very balanced in low light where you do not need a perceptive enhancement of light. Meaning a light bulb effect. The top of the lens starts at 75% transmittance while the bottom has a 99% transmittance.


Progressive Plum

The newest introduction of Pilla ZEISS Progressive lens science is our Plum filtration. This is a modified cross between the 50RHC and 69MWN. This special Progressive lens has our Max Neutralizer in the lens and offers the shooter an extremely crisp target registration in medium to diminishing ambient light. The ZEISS lens science creates a situation where the eye has additional light being presented to the iris creating a tightening. This provides a super rich resolution and enhanced depth of field. 

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