Mask Series

"When the fire burns so bright in your heart they can see it in your eyes, that's when everything changes. "

A universal Fit - One Size fits ALL 

“Let’s make a mask for archery with no frame and no nose Bridge..."  

- Erica Jones - World Cup Champion - USA (above)

The Mask System started as an idea which didn’t seem possible on paper.  We said, “Let’s make a mask for archery with no frame and no nose... so the performance archer has complete unobstructed visual sight and target reference. Further, the design of the glasses should provide a feather weight feeling to the lens.“ 

Pilla has worked to refine the concept and the Mask System has re-written the book on performance glass geometry.  The Mask System is secured using a suede lanyard which can easily be adjusted for pressure using a slide on the backside of the head.  The actual need for tightening to secure the lens is minimal as the Pilla/ZEISS lens technology is so light in weight that it basically sits on the bridge with no pressure from the lanyard. The visual picture is unmatched through the lens as there is no nose piece interupting the archers vision.  The lens design is fit with a wide megol sweat bar that promotes air flow from top to bottom as well as through the front side of the sweat bar.  This innovative sweat bar design acts like a frame and provides a  very comfortable  fixing point to the head. The Mask System should be worn so the sweat bar achors the lens to the face. 
A nose piece can be added for $29.99 USD