TT Casablanca


TT Casablanca

What sets a Casablanca apart from other similar sunglasses are its subtly distinctive features. 

The Casablanca sports an inward curve at the temples, as well as temple arms that are slightly longer and more widely-set for the wearer's ultimate comfort. Their dark brown ZEISS certified lenses repel water and prevent smudging, and are treated with an anti-reflective coating. A gently sloping nosepiece, built into the Italian Acetate frame, anchors the Casablanca securely.

Offered in Smoke, an exquisite marriage of ash and burnished bronze, and an unexpected combination of black and citrus, each pair has the exclusive PILLA Tourist Trophy logo engraved both at the temples and on each corner of the frames. 

Available with Single Vision Rx (mild to Heavy)

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