Lifestyle Series

Lifestyle Series - The Tourist Trophy (TT) Collection

For over 20 years, Pilla has been providing professional shooters and high performance athletes with our lens and frame technologies. Once an athlete uses our technology for their profession, they find they cannot look through standard sunglasses anymore.  We have received countless requests to have our lenses put in personal everyday glasses.

So, Pilla created the TT collection - A collection of everyday high performance eyewear. Every TT pair of glasses and sunglasses uses a Zeiss VIVX lens and provides the same level of visual acuity found in all our high performance sports eyewear. 

Our TT collection is a classically designed collection of nocompromise eyewear for men and women. We have executed classic Aviators and Wayfarersas well as motorcycle glasses for our athletes. Now our athletes can use our glasses for their professional craft and wear Pilla’s all day long in their everyday life.

We provide prescription options in all of our TT glasses.

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