Equestrian Collection

Mariano Aguerre - Top 10 Ranked Polo Professional
Will Simpson - Olympic Gold Medalist

Equestrian Collection

Pilla Performance Eyewear has created very special lens technologies for equestrian athletes.

Our lens technologies for Polo utilize a filtration science that provides perfect depth of field for the Player while enhancing the resolution and registration of the Polo ball.

For the sport of Polo, Pilla provides a light management system from full sun to low light with specialty lenses for Polo Athletes.

Pilla has worked with the top ranked players in the sport including Mariano Aguerre and Facundo Pieres to develop a Zeiss VIVX filtration technology that mutes the grass surface to pop the white of the ball. The combination of the proprietary lens science and the specific engineering of the frame geometry give the player a competitive advantage. The frame geometry fits perfectly under the helmet and provides excellent eye coverage to protect from mallets and the potential of a ball hitting the eye

In the Hunter/Jumper market Pilla has teamed up with Olympic Gold Medalist Will Simpson to develop the high contrast color enhancing Zeiss lenses used to negotiate the Jumper ring with precision.

The proprietary color filtration infused into the lenses enhances the color of the jumps while providing accurate vision for the rider. In addition to the lens science, the frame geometries used fit perfectly under a hat and provide great protection from the elements of wind, dust, and glare.

Pilla’s equestrian lens technologies have the highest performance anti-reflective available producing perfect high definition resolution reducing any light bouncing off the lens surface. Each Zeiss VIVX lens is certified to be optically correct. Each lens provides 100% UV protection from the suns harmful UV rays.

World-class athletes in the sport of Polo as well as Olympic medaling equestrians in the Hunter/Jumper disciplines use our lenses and specially designed frame geometries.