Action Shooting Sports Collection

Action Shooting Sports requires critical vision to succeed.
Pilla has created unique light management system and frame geometry to provide the Shooter with a competitive advantage. Pilla has partnered with World Champion Max Michel to produce a winning kit… Max in his own words sets up why Pilla is excited to take on the world of Action Shooting Sports..

“With over 20 years of Action Shooting experience, I have always looked for ways to become better at what I do. I would look over my guns, ammo, gear, etc.… and try to find anything that would allow me to get a better result. In my sport, taking off a fraction of second could mean the difference between winning and losing a World Championship. 

That said, when a buddy of mine showed me his new eyewear on a range in Europe during the summer of 2014, I knew immediately I missed a huge part of what I was seeing. Pilla Performance Eyewear opened my eyes to an entirely new way to look at eyewear as equipment for the Action Shooter.
In years past, I have always looked at eyewear as simply a way to protect my eyes from ricochet or debris. All the while, completely ignoring the optical disadvantage I was at due to lack of knowledge. For example, in dark lighting, I would find my self wearing clear lenses with difficulty being able to see the targets clearly, not knowing there was a better alternative. There are several examples I could list here but in short, it's time we start looking at eyewear as a piece of equipment to help our performance and not just a form of safety. This is where Pilla excels and separates themselves from the competitors